? - "Pledge Night" - 1990

Someone pointed this out at one time so thanks to that someone!


Didn't expect to be off site so long ..... will likely be a bit longer. Some unexpected stuff going on. Feel free to keep making recommendations ..... will try to get to them when I have time to get back to this. Hope everyone is doing well.

? - "Basket Case" - 1982

 I would move into that apartment building if this guy would be wondering the halls in this underwear.

David Kross - "The Reader"

Set sometime after World War 2. I know these look like boxer briefs or trunks in some pics BUT, I don't think they had boxer-briefs or trunks during this time period. Which means they are this time periods tighty whities by my logic. Reader suggested.

Clorox - AD

Great find by Captain Cold1 ... thanks! Still really burnt out on posting so may be a bit sporadic but  not done with site. Appreciate all the nice comments and suggestions people have been leaving.

? - "Red Oaks" - 2014

Go to Amazon and rate this show high so it gets a renewal and we have more of a shot at new tighty whitie scenes.


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