? - Terror at Orgy Castle

Would you be willing to spend the night ... at Orgy Castle???? Excellent reader find.

? - Swamp Ape - The Movie

I didn't get the greatest caps but just go watch the movie. It is (obviously) ridiculous but this guy is in his underwear A LOT. Thanks to reader for pointing it out.

Nico Tortorella - Menendez: Blood Brothers and Instagram shots

Was debating posting this pics because:
1) The movie sucked beyond belief
2) They took someone that is, inarguably, gorgeous and somehow made him look terrible.
3) The pics are terrible .. the scene was sped up so it went by super quickly
4) the other actor was in his underwear more and they put him in boxers when there is no way he wore boxers in the time frame the movie was made.
Anyway, I decided to post since I saw an old comment someone made (thanks!) on Nico where they gave links to some smoking hot instagram pics so I decided to add them to the post.

Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk)

DJ. Stole this from Captain Colds excellent site (http://hellowhitebriefs.tumblr.com) ... apparently he performed often in his underwear but I can't find anymore pics :-(

? - Shimmer Lake

Reader find. Look in the mirror, lol.

Evan Hall - Orange is the New Black - NSFW

Wow .. this scene ... if only he was wearing tighty whities. Prison guard forced to perform in a "talent" show for the prisoners. He says he doesnt have any talent so he chooses to do a strip tease.


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