James McAvoy

James McAvoy riding a unicycle in his briefs.

Dave Ferguson - Comedy Bang! Bang!

Rocky Horror take off. Thanks to reader for pointing it out.

Rocky Horror Picture Show

So, this Halloween they are doing a re-make of Rocky Horror on TV. Will Brad be in classic white briefs or will they wimp out and ruin it?


Thanks for ad, Anonymous!

Ryan Guzman and Tyler Hoechlin - Everybody Wants Some - outtake.

Thanks to Anonymous reader for pointing this out. This better show up somewhere ... I have wanted to see Tyler in tighty whities since that stupid 7th heaven show!

Radio K: Was there a hardest scene in the movie to shoot?
RyanYeah, it just never got shown. It’ll be in the B-roll. It was a scene that Tyler and I concocted, some of it is in the film but the other half didn't make the cut. It’s him and I running through a party in our tighty-whities on one of the coldest nights in Bastrop.
Tyler: Tighty-whities, high tube socks, through a costume party. It didn't make it, we braved the cold for nothing!

Silent Library

Miss this show ...

Blake Jenner - Everybody Wants Some

Thanks to reader A.F for sending me this pic of Blake Jenner (and reader Mark for mentioning it in the comment section). Hopefully this movie will have some good tighty whitey scenes also as it is set in the 80's.


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