John Corbett - Sex and the City

Reader pointed this out .... this is why I need you guys ... this is a great scene I would have never capped because I would never have watched Sex and the City and been aware of it. John is smoking hot in this scene (IMHO).

Joe Dallesandro

 There is a new tumbler that might be of interest to this crowd: Focuses on underwear but a lot of white brief stuff. Anyway, I cribbed a few pics of Joe from it cause I love this guy:

Paul Rudd and ? - "Anchorman 2"

Looks like a spoof on the Jockey ads in the 70's/80's.

Louie Bonanno - "Sex Appeal" - 1986

I'm sure everyone knows Louie? After all his movie resume includes such classics as; "Wimps," "Slammer Girls," "Student Affairs," "Night of the living Babes," and "Cool as Ice (with Vanilla Ice)!!."
So without further ado, here is Louie to represent colored briefs Wednesday:

Liam Hemsworth - "Satisfaction" - Video - NSFW

Reader request. Shorter versions all over the web right now (apparently Jay Leno showed him part of the clip while interviewing him). Liam's take on the scene from an interview around 2010 (by the way, what 18 year old actually looks like this? .... I went to the wrong high school):
“Yeah, that show’s about upper-class prostitutes, and I was playing a 16-year-old who was pretending to be 19. Basically, he’s a really rich kid whose dad has gone away for the weekend, and I hire this prostitute. The banana was… (laughs) I mean, I come up and place it on her back and she thinks it’s something else. I was just talking about eating the banana, and she was thinking about another thing. I was 18 at least when I shot it, and it was interesting, because I was butt-naked in front of a lot of people.”

Craig T. Nelson - "All the right moves" - 1983

Reader request. Unless I missed something, this is the only scene I am aware of. Pretty short.

? - "Evilspeak" - 1981 - NSFW

Reader brought this one up. I had seen this movie in the past and didn't remember any underwear scene (even though there was a locker room scene) so I was skeptical, but sure enough there is one (barely).  Guy is mostly hidden, but he walks in from the left to confront Clint Howard (wow ... Clint has 220 acting credits according to IMDB).  Since it barely qualifies as underwear sighting I am just going to leave the shower scene in. The tan lines are hilarious ..... in todays locker room the tan lines would extend down to their knees. BTW, this isn't a bad little horror flick .... death by wild pigs, Clint Howard flying through a church, locker room scenes .... what else do you want?

 Here comes guy in briefs on left


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