Matt Cavanaugh - Urban Cowboy (Broadway)

Thanks to Alton for these pics from the Broadway show of Urban Cowboy. Did anyone see the show? Was he in tighty whities on stage or just in pics?

Jason Schwartzman - The Overnight

Thanks to anonymous reader for pointing this out.

? - Wild Honey

Thanks to anonymous for pointing this one out .. forced strip.

“Rupert Evans - The man in the High Castle

Thanks to reader for pointing out ... unfortunately it is super dark. Not great but I tried to lighten them (1st 2 pics not lightened).

? - Jessica Jones

Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.

Josh Duhamel - "Lost in the Sun"

Will try to get more caps from this when released to DVD. In the meantime you can find more pics and gifs of the scene at "My new plaid pants" site.

Matt Bomer and Finn Wittrock - American Horror Story

From a "behind the scenes" video.

Adult Site

Thanks for recommendations people have been making. Will look into them soon, been fairly busy lately. Here's something to tide people over.


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