Hunter Parrish - Weeds

Not really into "bikini" briefs but know some people wanted these so ....

Weeds - Season 8, ep. 5

Don't watch the show and have no idea who these guys are. Apparently they are supposed to be brothers?

Tom Cruise - Top Gun

Matt Dillon - "The Outsiders" - 1983

Good movie. These are for Fren :-)

Matt Dillon - Little Darlings - 1980

Morgan Spurlock - "30 days" - 2006 - NSFW

Spurlock is a documentary filmmaker. He had an interesting series where he would place people in different environment and cultures for 30 days (ie had a gay and straight person be roommates for 30 days, atheist/believer). I didn't see this episode but I would hazard a guess Morgan went to jail for 30 days. To his credit he filmed the strip/shower scene to show the lack of privacy prisoners need to become accustomed to.

Rick Rossovich - "Top Gun" - 1986

Not sure why Rick didn't become a bigger star. He was in "terminator" "top gun" and "roxanne" in fairly rapid succession. By all accounts a nice guy and the only one with enough moxie to lose the towel in the locker room.

J. Andrew Keitch - "Almost Normal" - 2005

 Movie had an interesting premise but poor execution. As always, I am forgiving of all faults when white briefs make their appearance.

Frankie Muniz - "Extreme Movie" - 2008

A bit young looking for my taste but he is actually 23 in these pics according to IMDB.


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