Yannick Bisson - "Toby McTeague" - 1986

"V" sent me some caps from this flick and I mixed them in with caps I already had. If interested in viewing the scene the movie is streaming free on Amazon if you have "amazon prime." The following is "V"s description of the scene: "The actor's name is Yannick Bisson. He plays Toby McTeague. Toby and another classmate make a bet on a sled race. The loser has to sled through school in his underwear. Toby is the better racer, so the classmate sabotages Toby's sled before the race. Toby loses, and goes through with the bet."

School Spirit

Drake Bell - "Superhero Movie"

Contributor "V" strikes again! He sent me some really good stuff that I will be posting over the next few days but this was probably my favorite. His description:
"This is Drake Bell from Superhero Movie. These scenes were shown in the trailer, but cut from the final film. Luckily they were included on the DVD. The last two pics are from the behind the scenes special."


Anyone have an ideas on how to get more energy into the blog? Any idea? There are different ways to show the pictures. Post fewer pics? Just leave it the same? Make a rule that capt. cold has to post at least 1 new picture of him a month. Or am I the only one bored with current set-up?

Connor Buckley - "Surviving Jack" - 2013

Some pics from an upcoming TV show. Chris Meloni is playing the father.

Michael O'Leary - Fatal Games - 1984 - set 1

Apparently this guy is best known for playing the role of Rick Bauer on "Guiding Light." Tracked the flick down after I saw caps of this from "Just a Dream" site. Recapped it but source was crummy unfortunately.

Tim Rossovich - night shift

Rick Rossovich brother and former pro football player.


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