Robert Beltran - "Latino" - 1985

Currently available on netflix streaming. Didn't know about this scene until today when a reader sent it in. Funny coincidence as I was watching Star Trek:Voyager (Where Robert plays Chakotay) when I got these pics in e-mail. Any other Trek cast members in white briefs?

Colored briefs

OK, 1 day a week will be reserved for colored briefs. If I don't have any to post on that day I will skip it (or post tighty whities). There is a poll (for 2 days) to pick the day. This is as far as this site will ever get from white briefs .. no boxers or boxer-briefs. Keep in mind colored briefs do nothing for me (although an actor/situation might) so it's unlikely I will seek them out and rely on requests.

Harry Eden - "Flashbacks of a Fool" - 2008

reader submission that I then cropped to focus a bit more on Harry. Pics posted out of sequence for some annoying reason.

Art Garfunkel - "Carnal Knowledge" - 1971

Better known as a singer (duh) Garfunkel also showed off some acting chops in this flick. Both him and Jack Nicholson seemed to like being in briefs along with shirt and tie in this flick.

Mike Peebler - "Scrubs" - 2006

 Reader suggestion. Joke is that this doctor has his patients strip down to underwear no matter what the diagnosis is. In show, Mike asks if he can put his pants back on and is rebuffed by doc.


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