My top 30 (at this moment in time at least)

My top 30 (in no order) would probably be:
1)Michael Manasseri - "Weird Science" - TV - expanded
2)Raphael Sbarge and Josh Brolin, others - Prison for children - Repost/expanded
3)Charlie McDermott and Sebastian Stan - "Hot tub time machine" - deleted scene
4)Kevin Miranda - "Consent" (2012) - Set 5
5Michael Angarano - "The Brass Teapot" - 2013
6Tom Guiry and Emile Hirsch - "That Mudge Boy" - 2003 - Set 1
7)Evan Peters - "American Horror Story: Asylum" Season 2 ep.1 - 2012
8Victor Rasuk - "Adrift in Manhattan" - 2007 - NSFW
9)"Stripped at Work" - Adult Site - set 1
10)Friedrich Mücke - "Friendship" - 2010
11)Skeet Ulrich - "Nobody's Baby" - 2001
12)Emile Hirsch "The Girl Next Door" - 2004
13)"Zach" - Paradise Hotel 2 - 2008
14)Embarrassed Employee - "Billy" - adult site
15)Alex Dimitriades - Head On - 1998 - NSFW
16Ryan Gosling - "All Good Things" - 2010
17)Max Beesley - Five seconds to spare - 2000
18)Real Guy getting pantsed (Redux)
19)Andy Samberg - Hot Rod
20)Michael Goorjian - Deal of a Lifetime - 1999
21)john krasinski - The office
22)Dermot Mulroney - Sin of Innocence - 1986
23)Silent Night, Deadly Night 5 - 1991
24)Richard Grieco - If Looks Could Kill
25)Adam Garcia - Standing still
26Nicholas Shields - Liar's Edge
27"Fire with Fire" - Craig Sheffer and others - Caged Heat 2
28Silent Library - "Leaf Blower" - MTV
29) Malibu, Ca. - 1998 -Trevor Merszei (briefs) and Jason Hayes (B.Briefs)
30)Unknowns - VEGAS - S,1 ep. 6 - 2012

Current Top 10 all time viewed posts on blog

OK, I get (and agree) with a few of these but in general I am perplexed. Why is the "extra" in Just one of the guys in here for instance. Or quite frankly Ty Burrel, who looks fine, but is he really one of the best posts out of almost 900 postings? My top 10 would be a lot different from what's on here. Heck, my top 3 would be different. Anyway here it is by number:
Sep 30, 2013, 3 comments
Nov 15, 2012, 8 comments
May 9, 2013, 2 comments

? - "Nightmare" -19981 - set 1

Girls boyfriend before being choked .... pretty cute guy, tighty whities and tube socks included. After sex crawls along floor. What else can you want in a Friday post?

Billy Warlock - "Society" - 1989

Above average horror film from late 80's (at least in my opinion). Has a sense of humor about itself but it doesn't shy away from some horrific stuff also. Some of the underlying themes about the upper class/lower class resonates as much now (if not more) than they did in the 80's.

Ned Manning - "Dead End Drive-In" - 1986

Recent recommendation for colored briefs wednesday. This was a fun Ozploitation film, that actually had a pretty good script (as these type of films go). Slow at times, but you care about the protagonist and there are actually some smart underlying themes to the movie.

Michael Flood - "Criminally Insane" (AKA Big Fat Ethel)- 1975

OK, I an forever indebted to whomever it was that recommended this movie! It is one of the crazier films I have seen in recent years and a perfect example of a 70's exploitation film. The basic plot; a morbidly obese woman kills anyway who gets in her way of eating food. This includes her mother, delivery boy, sister/hooker and her boyfriend/pimp. Not a lot of PC content in this film. Anyway in this scene the boyfriend/pimp has been hit with a meat cleaver in the head about 6-7 times. Amazingly he is still able to crawl down the hall in his underwear. Even more amazingly the blood looks like bright red paint and not blood. See the movie once, remember it forever.


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