David Beckham - Ads

Sure everyone has seen these a million times (heck they may be posted on this site -although I didn't see them) but what the heck. Prefer him without the mustache but that's just my opinion.

Joseph Paul Manno (and others) - "Night Screams" - 1987

2 Questions

1) What is your favorite underwear scene in the media (movie, TV, music, sports etc)?
2) If you were gay and interested in dating (but you weren't part of any particular "scene" {if you watch "Happy Endings" you might consider yourself me an "optimistic red velvet walrus"} where would you start?

Privates - video - TV - 2013

Per request:

Saint's Row 2 - Underwear attack!

Reader request:
Saint's Row is a LOT more violent than "Bully" so the main character strips down and goes on a violent rampage (this is a video game after all).

Campus Ladies -"Fraternity Row" - 2006

Short lived series that had a pretty great tighty whities scene. You can thank one of your fellow readers for these pics (Thanks Dave!).

"Bully" - Videogame

Yeah, that's right, video game (PS3 in this case). While the main character "Jimmy" is technically the bully of the title, in truth he is just trying to make it through a school of bullies. You have the option of dressing Jimmy how you want and one of the options is to dress him in his skivvies (mind you, it causes him complications). On the off chance that there is a reader out there that is turned on by video game characters being exhibitionist, here you go!

"Privates" - 2013 TV miniseries Ep.1


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