Jason Ritter - "The Education of Charlie Banks" - 2007 - NSFW

Movie is directed by musician Fred Durst and was (I think) surprisingly good. Jason Ritter had a brief nude scene and another underwear scene but they are black boxer briefs. Another actor appears in tighty whites and I don't think I have capped it yet so I'll have to get to that soon.

Rodney To - "The American Mall"

Final tighty whitie scene from V (for now?) ... again, I'll let him set it up; "This is Rodney To from The American Mall. It was a movie designed to cash in on the success of High School Musical. It failed, but at least it gave us a nice pantsing during a musical number." Pics posted out of order (sorry about that!) 

Frenchie X - Ad

More from V (he could start his own site). I'll let him explain the ad; "This was a commercial for underwear brand Frenchie X. Basically, the guy is trying to get some from his girl who keeps turning him down. Then, when  she walks in on him and he is wearing just a pair of white briefs she apparently decides to sleep with him right there and then". Probably something wrong with me that I would have taken him as the Teddy Bear too!


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