Robert Blake - "Electra Glide in Blue" Set 1

Playing a cop. Doing pull ups in this scene.

Eric Smith and Karl B. Bromwell - "The House on Sorority Row" - 1983

In the film credits they are called (respectively), "Guy at Pool #1" and "Guy at Pool #2." Karl never acted again and Eric's only other credit is a 1987 movie called, "Party Camp." At least they can always look back at this scene with pride!

Josh Brolin and others - "Prison for Children" - 1987

TV movie about juvenile detention. One of these guys is (I'm assuming) Josh Brolin since he is listed as being one of the stars but I really couldn't tell you who is who here. Obviously the source is pretty crummy.


Emile Hirsch - "Prince Avalanche" - 2013

4 movies where Emile is in briefs. Is this a record for a youngish movie star?

Josh Haddy - "Banana Man" - Youtube short

Not sure how they got Josh Zuckerman in this 5 minute short that (last time I saw it) only had 120 views on youtube. If you want to see it I can post it or just look under "josh zuckerman" and "banana man" on youtube. Never heard of Josh Haddy but the scene where he is lying face down in bed is pretty great. Basically, I want t live in this apartment.


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