Chord Overstreet, Blake Jenner and Jacob Artist - "Glee"

Don't know their names .... don't watch Glee. Could have been a great scene but ended up kind of underwhelming :-(

Adam Devine

Adam plays "Adam" in the TV show "Workaholics." This is from an ad he did for a video game.

Michael Angarano - "The Brass Teapot" - 2013 set 3

Such a cute guy!

Jason Biggs - "Mad Love"

Another contribution by "V" for colored briefs Weds. His description: "Another colored briefs post. It's from the show Mad Love. Jason Biggs is having a nightmare(daymare?) that he isn't wearing pants and everyone in the courtroom can see he is wearing pink briefs. He's dreaming this because Sarah Chalke's character said she would tell everyone that he wears pink briefs for luck after he told an embarrassing story about her."


In less than 2 years this site is rapidly approaching 500,000 hits. Blows me away. Hopefully will have some good caps on the day this site crosses that number.

Michael Angarano - "The Brass Teapot" - 2013 set 2

This movie is very generous with scenes of Michael in underwear.

Hidden camera Show - prank

Friend to the blog, V, sent this to me and I'll let him describe it: "This is from the Silvio Santos hidden camera show. You might have seen it in the news for doing a prank where they stop an elevator, turn off the lights, let a creepy girl in, and turn the lights back on. I guess they do a lot of mean-spirited pranks. Here, guys are led back to a dressing room. When they've taken their clothes off the walls are pulled back revealing a catwalk and a ton of screaming women. The guys are then grabbed by two male dancers and led down the catwalk where they are groped by women. This is the only guy in white briefs. Everyone else in the clip wore boxerbriefs or were commando."

Michael Angarano - "The Brass Teapot" - 2013

This post is courtesy of the website: and I want to make sure he gets all the credit. Been waiting to see caps from this since I heard he was in tighty whities in the movie. I imagine when I get ahold of the movie I will do more caps of him in his underwear but this is a good start.

Mark Mikulski - Stuck on You - 1982

A reader (never know if people want names used so I don't unless told it is ok) generously sent this in the other day .... I knew nothing about. The only "Stuck on you" I knew was the "siamese twin" comedy from the Farrelly brothers. Enjoy! Will have some more new stuff sent in from V tomorrow.

Comments and spam

Spam has always been a problem but it is just overwhelming the board lately. I clean it up and the next day it is back en masse. I hate to do it but I am putting in the "word verification" system to try to weed out the spam. I hate word verification and I'm sure you guys do too. I hope it won't stop people from posting. If people hate it enough let me know and instead of that I guess I could do comment moderaton and get rid of spam that way. The good news is I'm going to suck it up and start posing again Monday (at a slower pace) .... V has sent some good stuff to get me started. Thanks for everyone's patience.


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