And just for good measure, some more comments from Wil Wheaton on "Toy Soldiers" (from his blog) - edited

I shoot Big Bang Theory on Monday before I go back to Vancouver to finish out the fourth season of Eureka, so I have scored an entirely unexpected bonus weekend at home with my wife.
Yesterday, we heard that Toy Soldiers was playing on local station KDOC (which was one of the truly great UHF stations here for my entire childhood). Anne told me that she'd never seen it before, so we flipped to channel 56 and began to watch.
We picked it up somewhere toward the middle, in a scene where we're all sitting around in our underwear at night.
"Why are you in your underwear?" Anne asked.
"Because that's what dudes do," I said.
She frowned for a moment, thinking, and then said, "how long did it take you to choreograph the upcoming sword fight?"
"Not long at all," I said. "Turns out it was a class feature."
She gave me a blank look.
"D&D reference."
She nodded, patiently, and turned her attention back to the movie.
Though I give myself a lot of shit for things like my accent, the dangly ankh earring, and the endless scenes of underwear-clad dudes who were totally not gay, I should point out, and make very clear, that I like Toy Soldiers a lot. Even though it's incredibly dated, I'm proud to be part of it. I had a great time working on it, made some good friends during production, and gained several levels in acting and being an adult while we were on location.
Anne and I had a surprisingly good time watching it, and it seemed like every scene prompted a memory that I hadn't thought of in years. I had so much fun recalling them, I'm considering making my own commentary track as an mp3 and selling it at Lulu for a few bucks. You know, in all my vast amounts of free time.
If you want to watch Toy Soldiers in all its non-TV-edited glory, you can stream it from Netflix, or you could always buy the DVD … though I think it really needs to be viewed on VHSfor maximum authenticity.

Coogan knows what his fans want!

Also note Wil Wheatons response somewhere in the middle of the exchange. Was that Keith Coogan as one of the other pledges (with Wheaton) in the "Tales from the Crypt" scene?

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"Weekend" - Trailer - 2011

Don't usually post trailers but this is a really good flick and hope this exposes a few people to it. Available on Netflix streaming. Bonus points if you know who the band is playing the song near the end of the trailer.

Colin Farrell - "Tigerland" - 2000

Extra - "Just one of the Guys" - 1985

This gender bending movie came out 3 years after "Tootsie" and is clearly superior to it an all ways. How it didn't clean up at the Academy Awards remains a mystery.

Extras - "Rookie of the Year" - 1993

The "where's Waldo" of underwear scenes.


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