Danny Pudi - "Community" season 2, episode 8 (I think)

This scene also has Joel McHale and Donald Glover (and Chevy) but since only Danny has the courage to be in white briefs he gets the header :-). First pic looks like Danny is checking Joel out (I would too).

Matthias Schweighöfer and Friedrich Mücke - "Friendship" - 2010 - set 5

OK, I admit I am probably over-capping this movie, but it's the movie that keeps on giving. Since this is colored briefs day, here are the boys in red briefs doing a strip show. Unfortunately "strip show" lighting and constant movement = bad caps.

Jonas Rimeika- My Name Is Love - 2008

Swedish short film. Not a happy movie (or scene). Unfortunately the source is bad and the subtitles weren't English so I can't really comment on the quality of the movie as a whole.


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