Steve Antin - "The Last American Virgin"

This is the American re-make of "Lemon Popsicle." Only in the 80's could you have a group of guys lining up in the high school locker room and having their erections measured with not one gay joke or slur. Plus everyone in briefs (except the overweight kid, when shown later he is in boxers. Nowadays it would be reversed and the overweight guy would be in briefs and the "cool kids" in boxers). This movie played out as a typical teen sex flick, and not a particularly good one, until the final few minutes. The movie has one of, if the most, realistic and brutal endings to any teenage film ever (ok, obviously I am not talking "bully" like teenage movies). It is so tonally different from the rest of the film it is incredibly jarring. But back to what you are here for:

Lemon Popsicle

This movie was later remade (almost literally shot for shot) into "The Last American Virgin" for american audiences. 

Adam Garcia - Standing still

Mark Wahlberg

Not sure how I got this far without posting the guy that drove me crazy back in this pants dropping days. The scene where he dropped his pants on MTV during a basketball game was (and is) indelibly burned into my memory. It seems like he has done a return to showing off his briefs - black, not white :-(, unfortunately. So do people prefer Marky from the funky bunch days or currently?

If this scene doesn't turn you on you don't belong on this site.

Rodney Harvey - "The Outsiders"

Rodney Played "Soda pop" in the TV show based on the movie/book "The outsiders" by S.E. Hinton. The show was actually pretty good but didn't last very long. In the pilot episode the social worker is coming to visit and all they brothers are rushing around in their underwear trying to get dressed. He was also a calvin Klein model at one time although I imagine his height (5'6") would likely prevented him from being a top model (personally, I think shorter guys are pretty hot). Unfortunately his life ended early due to his drug use. Anyway, I know you are just here for the pics so here they are (not the greatest caps but this show has never been released on DVD and is from 1990).

Tom Parker - "Mental"

A fantastic tighty whities sighting on basic cable in 2011/2012? How rare is that? Enjoy

Jeremy Sisto - Six feet Under

"Billy" in Six feet under went from crazy to crazy sexy when he revealed he wore white briefs. Nude shots posted on looklistenvibratesmile2 site.

Real guy getting pantsed

Ok, the video quality sucks but this might be my favorite youtube video. Even pixelated this guy just seems really hot and I love the deer in the headlights look when he first realizes he is in just his underwear in a supermarket. I am putting this up to see what kind of reaction it gets. If really unfavorable then I won't be posting more of them. So far the poll seems to indicate people are ok with occasional vids like this

Jason Schwartzman - Bored to Death

The acclaimed actor, and onetime drummer for Phantom Planet (remember song "California" from the "OC"?) hA never looked better than in his briefs and t-shirt. Sexier than a nude scene for me.

Jason London - Blood Ties 1991

Identical twin of Jeremy London.

Jesse Bradford

Gorgeous guy.
Scene from "Happy Endings"

                                              Candid shot (I think he was at Cannes)

                                                                 Table for Three


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