Joel Courtney - F the Prom

V comes through with the movie! Look at this hideous nerd!

Jake Gyllenhaal - Stronger

Reader find. From the Newplaidpants site.

By the way ...

You will notice that most of my posts now start with "Reader find." This blog only really continues to exist because of everyones participation in finding new stuff. I know people point out stuff at times and, for various reasons, I might not get around to posting it (I just go through phases sometimes where I don't feel like it and then once the comment section moves past it I forget generally) but I appreciate it as it gives everyone else a chance to see it whether I post it or not. In the end, this is everyones blog and I just curate it.

Jason Patric - Lost boys outtake

Reader find. Ok, we are going to have to content ourselves with knowing he was in tighty whities during this scene since they went out of there way to not show us. I couldn't really cap the second or two they showed him because of the quality of the video but I gave it a try. Better to watch the scene on youtube (lost boys deleted scene 9). Jason Patric was a gorgeous guy.


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