Matt Keeslar - "The Run of the Country" - 1995 - Set 1

I admit I went way overboard capping this movie ... I thought this was one of the best looking guys I have seen in awhile. First three caps (obviously not capped by me) pretty much sum up the scenes if you're not that interested in him. I thought this was a good, but really sad, movie. Aren't there any dramatic coming of age movies that aren't tragedies?

Nick Jonas update

Added a few new picks to his previous post where he is playing softball and his pants are tight enough to see the white briefs underneath.
Edit: Decided to add the 2 pics here so you don't have to search them out if you don't want ... left them in the old post also.

Anyone know of any good music video's with white briefs?

Got a few suggestions below (which I found and capped) plus I have a few others to post. Wondering if there were some gems out there I wasn't aware of (like all the great horror movie ideas people sent). Off hand the one's I already capped but have yet to post are: Robbie Williams, Madonna, General public, prefab sprout and Kylie Minogue.

Garth McLean (?) - "Rockin Road Trip" - 1985 final set

BTW, does he have a small tear in his underwear on the left bottom? Low budget flick, maybe he provided his own wardrobe?

Anggum - Echo - 2012 - video

This one deserves to be seen and it is pretty catchy to boot .... probably won't keep it up on the site to long as you can see it (better) on youtube but here it is:

Garth McLean (?) - "Rockin Road Trip" - 1985 Set 1

Reader recommendation. Found a copy on Amazon ... while it's listed as the "Special Edition" it's pretty obvious they did nothing to clean up the print ... honestly it looks like they just directly transferred the VHS print to DVD. Bottom line, the caps aren't the greatest and when there was movement there was a ton of blurring. Anyway, this is a good, fairly long scene so I had to break it into more than one set. One thing I liked was when he was outside in his underwear several people commented on it (some movies they just act like it's business as usual).

Hasn't really been an issue in the past (except here and there) but..

Please don't comment on a set of pics/actors if it is just to be negative. Just move on until you find one you like. Thanks.


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