Jesse Moss - "Dear Mr. Gacy" -2010

OK, getting all the serial killer stuff out of the way in 1 day. This is another one (like Dahmer) that I thought about whether or not to post for obvious reasons. Ultimately, I went with them. Given the lurid subject matter neither this or "Dahmer", comes across as particularly exploitative films. Solid acting and decent writing on both movies.

1313 - Wicked Stepbrother

 Same dialogue as in all Decoteau movies: "Hello" "Is someone there" x 30.

Jeremy Renner - "Dahmer" - Sepia - 2002

Not much can be done here ... tried to use different filter to expose the actors and lessen the darkness.

Jeremy Renner - "Dahmer" -2002

Ryan Gosling - Half-Neslon - 2006

Keith Coogan and others - Toy Soldiers - 1991

 From interview with Keith Coogan:
JC: I said, you know on IMDB there’s a huge thread on the message board of Toy Soliders that talks about the underwear scenes. I hate to break it to you, but it’s the longest thread on the Toy Soliders message board.

KC: It’s just kind of – oh god, I love how you put it, “The longest thread on the Toy Soldiers message board.” The longest thread on there. So I have actually gotten quite a bit of fan mail from that scene or from those scenes. So here’s the thing, we’re supposed to be guys in a room with no electricity, no heat, no air, no whatever, and it’s five of us – seven of us in a room that’s supposed to bunk two. It was hot. It’s Virginia. So we’re like, “All right, everyone’s going to be in like wife beaters and your boxers, your underwear,” whatever. Well we also made character choices, and I made a character choice that Snuffy Bradberry wore corduroys, deck shoes, and tighty whities. Some are going to wear black, others got boxers, and everyone’s got to have their own character, so my choice was tighty whities.

Well, because of that choice there’s nothing there, there’s nothing added, I’m not stuffing or anything like that. I’m not horribly excited about messing with Wil Wheaton either, I didn’t get turned on by that, but in that scene I look like I’m packing. Something’s up there. I don’t know, it does look like I’m rather well-hung. That could be real or that could be the appearance. But yes, that scene, they’re like, “God,” everyone’s – and then they’re like, “Keith, you’ve got quite a bulge there.” 

So that, yeah, I’ve gotten a little bit of fan mail from that. We were unaware of any homoerotic, you know, indications or anything like that, but I have a good gay fan base and they certainly cite that scene; they’re like, “You look yummy in Toy Soldiers.” Thank you very much, so buy a ticket.   

Interview with Wil Wheaton on Toy Soldiers:
JL: In the movie "Toy Soldiers," do think there were too many gratuitous scenes with guys hanging out in their underwear?
WW: Well, turn it around: in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back," were there too many gratuitous shots of hot girls running around in their underwear?

Alex Dimitriades - Head On - 1998 - NSFW

Alex is one of the best looking guys I have ever seen. I thought this was a good movie, but it's pretty downbeat (to say the least). Alex plays a gay young man (think he is supposed to be 19, although he was actually 24 or 25 when the movie was made) who isn't happy with his orientation. In this scene the police are trying to humiliate Alex and the individual he is with by forcing them to strip.

Great site

Hey Guys, if you are ever looking for a video clip of a scene featuring a male celeb, the first place you should go is: This site has an unbelievable amount of content, is free, and is updated on a regular basis. One of the best sites out there. The webmaster also maintains a separate site with Caps:
I added links to both sites so check em out.

Ryan Gosling - "All Good Things" - 2010

Robert Downey Jr - "1969" - pt.2

Robert Downey Jr - "1969" - 1988 pt. 1

A youngish (23) Robert Downey Jr. on an acid trip.

Michael C. Maronna - "Slackers" - 2002

Eh, who doesn't like a locker room scene.

Jayson Blair - "The New Normal" - ep. 5

This guy is just ridiculously good looking. So good looking that I am going to be thankful the show has him in briefs instead of griping how little they showed of him in those briefs. It's a "glass half full" attitude.


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