This guy is, apparently, huge outside of America ... his wikipedia page has a ton of information on him but this is the first paragraph
Anastasios "Sakis" Rouvas II (Greek: Αναστάσιος "Σάκης" Ρουβάς, pronounced [ˈsakis ruˈvas]; 5 January 1972), often referred to mononymously as Sakis, is a Greek singer, recording, film and television artist, actor, entertainer, businessman, and former pole vaulter who is the most commercially successful entertainer of all time in Greece and Cyprus and also one of the most influential. Born in Corfu, he began his career as a member of the national athletics team in the 1980s, where he won national medals, and then commenced a musical career in 1991, becoming one of Greece's first pop performers and popularizing several western music genres and trends. Rooted in pop and rock music among a wide array of styles adorned with powerful tenor vocals, he incorporated complex choreography, costumes, and technological advancements and has been credited for transforming music videos and live performance into an art form. Widely recognized as the genres' primary representative to this day, Rouvas is renowned for retaining a standard of autonomy from domestic styles and conventions and gaining unprecedented success for a non-laïko or éntekhno artist and for breaking cultural, social, artistic, and generational barriers in Greece and Cyprus.Often cited as the most attractive man in entertainment, a title for which he has received heavy attention, Rouvas has attained a record number of endorsement deals and is the most popular Greek celebrity on combined social media.

Freddie Stroma - Underwear ad - 2008 - Video

Posted some pics from this a long time ago but here is an edited version with music. Freddie did this before appearing in the Harry Potter movies I think. White briefs at the beginning and end of video.

Adult site - "Bullies" - Set 1

Ok, the basic plot is as follows: Carlo comes from lunch with Scott's dad, where he officially received a nice raise and promotion, but his ego trip and celebration will be short lived. Scott's friend Drew is a former classmate of Carlo, who remembers Carlo bullying him in school because he was gay. Scott and Drew realize they now have the power to blackmail Carlo and get revenge for all the young gay boys Carlo tormented in the past. They decide this bully needs to be humiliated. Carlo tries to deny knowing Drew but he soon realizes that he'd better submit to the boss' son or risk loosing his new job. Carlo is first stripped of his car keys, then his clothes and shoes. He is forced to perform tasks such as running, singing, and dancing with his pants at his ankles for their amusement, and Drew even takes him over his knees for a spanking.
There is more but it gets a bit to "adult" for this site. Anyway on to the story.

Wade Briggs - "Please Like Me" - 2013

Australian TV show for colored briefs wednesday. By the way, these caps are courtesy of one of the best cappers on the net, XYZ (


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Bill Skarsgård - "Simple Simon" - 2010

Bill is probably best known for starring in the (horrible beyond belief) Hemlock Grove. In this Swedish film he portrays a young man with Aspergers syndrome. Gif is courtesy of one of my favorite sites;

About to hit a million page views in the next day or so .... crazy.

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? - "The Bridge" - Season1 ep.5

 Seems like all my recent postings involve a guy in underwear killing another guy. Whats up with that?


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