Joseph Gordon-Levitt - "Hesher" - 2010 set1

I KNOW I have posted these before but they seem to be missing ... don't understand it. One of the hottest guys on the scene currently.

Vincent Martinez - "Confusion of Genders" - 2000 set 1

First saw this guy in "School of Fish" and that he was pretty hot. Like this scene better because he strips to undies. Set 1 has him stripping down to his undies.

Russell Brandi - "The Girl's Guide to Depravity" - 2012

Reader submission. S.1 ep. 4

Justin Chatwin - "Shameless" - NSFW

Stole these from another site and meant to credit them but now I forgot where I got them.

Diego Klattenhoff - "Mean Girls" - 2004

Embarrassment scene in flick but I love the expressions on the guys faces. Reader suggestion:

Charlie Sheen - "Two and 1/2 Men"

Yiftach Klein - "Policeman" - 2011 - NSFW

WAY more nudity than normal for this site, just thought it was kind of amusing that it was a bit of a reverse strip tease as the majority of the people that come to this site were more interested in him putting the underwear on than having it off. Anyway recent film from Israel recommended by a regular reader.


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