Readers submissions - PICS after the jump

Another reader sent in their pic to post. I don't want to get to far away from the blogs main theme (celebs) but who am I to deny readers a chance to see some hot guys. I am going to post them here and start the pics after the jump.

"Zach" - Paradise Hotel 2 - 2008

For Captain Cold:

Patrick Labyorteaux - "Heathers" - 1988

Pitch black comedy done right. Patrick is brother of "albert" from Little house. He is best known for being on "Jag." Yes he is dead in the pics but it's not real ... him being in tighty whities is real so pretend he is sleeping and has some ketchup on his neck.

Matthew McConaughey - "Tiptoes" - 2003

Laughably bad film whose first major mis-step (among many) is casting an average sized actor to portray a little person in the film and then use special effects/filming techniques to "shrink" him. The movie did give us a scene with Matthew in tighty whities. This guy has never done much for me but realize he has a lot of fans so here it is. Dark scene so I lightened the pics some.


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