Kevin Miranda - "Consentement" - Trailer

I capped the hell out of this awhile ago and thought I posted the trailer but couldn't find it on the site. I thought it was hot enough to take a chance on it being a repost.

From CNN (not a celeb, just found this an odd pic)

"Denis Andre Oliveira, holding an Argentina soccer jersey, is searched by police in Vespasiano, Brazil, on Wednesday, June 18, after he was detained for entering the sports complex where Argentina's soccer team is training for the World Cup. Oliveira said he wanted to get an autograph from Argentina star Lionel Messi."

Charlie Baltimore - "Money" - Music video

Music video where protagonist strips guard down to tighty whities and takes his uniform.

? - "Held Up" - 1999

Gift from long time reader "V" to the blog. He sent the following pics and said, "This is from a 1999 movie called Held Up starring Jamie Foxx. Basically, a guy takes a convenience store hostage in the middle of nowhere and wants a crate moved inside. He has four guys do it, but forces them to strip to their underwear before coming inside so he can make sure they don't have any weapons. As the guys are leaving the store, they are caught on camera by the media. I know it's red briefs but it's a good embarrassment scene."
Got to give the film makers credit, at least they put the most obvious attractive guy in briefs!

Scott Wolf and James Duvall - "Go"

really good flick. Most of Scott's shots are in the mirror. Oh to be the actor acting opposite Scott in this scene


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