Chord Overstreet - "Glee"

Props to a guy named "Gopher" who posted this on "Just a Dream website." Added it to the "Rishy Business" group of pics but thought I would post it here also. His comment; "It was posted by Brooke Lipton (an associate choreographer on the show) in honor of Blake's birthday the other day. I haven't seen a larger version of the whole image yet. I guess it is a private BTS pic. No telling if more will emerge from that particular scene."

Athena Underwear Ad

Clothes removing glasses again.

Athena Underwear ad

This commercial (and a few others) was pointed out to me by a reader quite a while ago but I never got around to capping them. Horrible quality but good content. Basically, the women in the commercial have a pair of glasses that let them see through clothes (or do they make them disappear?). Although t be fair the guys are ogling her first. Embarrassment ensues.

Frat House Massacre - Set 2

Not the nicest frat in the world.

Brian Austin Green - "American Summer"

While he looks really young here, Brian is indeed 18. Have to admit he is one of those guys whose looks have improved as he has gotten older. This was a scene a reader pointed out to me which I appreciate as I never thought David Silver appeared in white briefs.

Mitch Pileggi - "X-Files"

Some trivia about the scene:
Pileggi was given only a few days' notice that he, as Skinner, would be wearing only underwear – dressed in jockey shorts, rather than boxers – in one scene of "Zero Sum". The last-minute notification allowed Pileggi just enough time to do some exercise in a weight room and whip his physique into shape, in preparation for Skinner's scantily clad appearance. (I Want to Believe: The Official Guide to The X-Files, volume 3)

Joe Dempsie - "Happy Clapper" - 2011

Hey, it's one of my favorite characters from "Game of Thrones." Here is Gentry in (almost) tighty whities.

Jake Gyllenhaal - "Bubble Boy"

I suppose these are some weird amalgam of tighty whities and colored briefs. Honestly I have no idea what are on these briefs. Boy, he looks young here.


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