Adam Horovitz (King Ad-Rock) - Beastie Boys

OK, I admit this one isn't much but I always had a think for Adam (middle guy) back in the day but the only time he showed himself in underwear (in videos) he was in boxers. Based on this picture it looks like he wore white briefs also (or in his personal life). "Paul's Boutique" is still a great album.

Octavi Pujades - Love is Forever

OK, I don't know what this is .... looks like a spanish soap opera. Reader below noted it on Youtube. The English translation of the youtube text was something like; "Love is forever - Román rejects Marina after telling his close encounter with Recaredo." Regardless, the guy looks pretty great in his underwear here. Thanks for pointing out scene.

Patrick Cassidy and John Dossett - Longtime Companion - 1989 - NSFW

For the 1000th post there is a little of everything: white briefs, colored briefs and some nudity. Enjoy.

2 posts 2 go and ....

I'll have hit #1000. My original plan was to get up to a 1000 posts and move on but I still have some stuff to put up on the site that will easily take me past 1000. What prize do I get for publishing the 1000 post (likely Tuesday)????????


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