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Above are the top 5 posts (according to the number of views) since I started the site. Of the five, I agree with the Vegas scene. What are your guys favorite scenes from movies/tv etc featuring guys in their white briefs? 

Harvey Keitel - "Blue Collar" - 1978 set 2

Astoria, Queens - Short film - 2009

Thanks to "V" we have a colored briefs post for Weds. As always I'll let him set up the scene: "This is a short film called Astoria, Queens. I've only managed to find a clip of it and not the entire thing. The gist is that the guy in briefs forgot who he slept with, and went to kiss the wrong guy. Embarrassment ensues."

Weigh-ins - 7

Some Weigh-in's and a few other athletes in their undies. May be some repeats from previous posts (who can remember?).

Chris Diamantopoulos - "Arrested Development" - 2013

Thanks to "Cold" for the alert ... kickstarted me into watching the first 3 episode of the new season ... so far, I think they are holding up pretty well. Nice that his being in briefs wasn't a "joke."


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