Mutant Hunt - 80's ruled!

Poll results (I am ADHD and can't wait 3 more days for it to be officially over)

It seems pretty apparent that most of the people that voted in the poll would rather this site stay focused on tighty whities so it will remain that way with the occasional nude scene (only if linked to the underwear scene) and pics of boxers etc at times.
Since I have no life, but a lot of nude actor clips I am going to start up a secondary site to post these. Will probably try to get it up in running by today.
This site will remain my main priority as it is my main interest but I would imagine the other site will be updated daily.
Honestly, i would update this site more but I know my caps/movies are finite and I don't want to run out of material anytime soon.
Anyway, when the site is up, I will post a link. Thanks and hope everyone is staying relatively cool.

Risky Business - Various

Tom Cruise has kind of worn out his welcome over the past few years so I am providing the Risky dance with some understudies:

                                      First up is Jake Pavelka from Dancing with the stars:

Next is David Cook (musician):


                                                    Some frat boys from "Greek"

A young man during a school talent show:

And finally, our military in action!

                              And I'm sure you never want to hear "Old time rock and roll again."

Rory Culkin - Lymelife

Thanks to a reader for identifying this for me.

King of the Kickboxers - Great embarrassment scene!

Ok, My two favorite things are white briefs (duh) and embarrassment scenes. This one pretty much meets both criteria in a sublime (if admittedly stupid) way.

Justin Chatwin - Weeds, Shameless and others

I believe this is from a movie called "Funkytown"

The Zac Efron Effect?

OK, the most views I have ever had in one day prior to posting Zac Efron dancing in the rain in his tighty whities was around 200 (and that was even unusual). The day after I post Zac, I had over a 1000 views! The movie itself is getting mixed reviews but apparently Zac in his briefs isn't.

Weeds - Hunter Parrish

Being paid to read to a guy while only wearing his tighty whities, black socks and a hat.

Locker room scene from "Killer Bash"

Surprise ... this scene is from a David Decoteau film! Mind you, this is when his movies actual had plots and dialogue. While not in this scene Cory Monteith from Glee was in the movie (I think he had a brief nude scene). Anyway these are all extras but I love locker room scenes of guys in briefs so here it is.

Zac Efron in Tighty Whities ...

I really don't know what else to say about these ......

(By the way thanks to "Bristol Boy" who I stole these caps from) and whoever made the moving gif (methinks it was poster from "Just a dream" site).

Liar's Edge

Click on it to make it move

Nicholas Shields - Liar's Edge

Thought I already posted this but couldn't find it so ..... 


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