Thanks ..

To everyone that posts about scenes/clips/pics for the benefit of the other readers. I always intend to go back and cap them but sometimes I don't get around to it due to laziness and the fact that I don't check on it as frequently. Whether I comment on your comments or not I always appreciate them as do the readers of the blog.

Jason Flemyng - Lost Christmas

Found this on new Dreamscapes site.

Joe Dallesandro - Trash

Thanks to reader for pointing this out:

Mikey Day - Totally Awesome

Found these at this site:

Tom Hiddleston - High Rise

Got this from this tumbler: (which was found by friend to the site, Tim). Anyone know if this is from the movie "High Rise" and if so, is there more worth capping? And if there is, at one point in the movie? Thanks.

? - Red Dog

Thanks to reader for pointing this out.

Mikey Day - Saturday Night Live - "Karate Teen"

Thanks to reader for pointing this out.

? - 3 Dancing Slaves

Thanks to reader for pointing this out.

Thom Niemann - "A Crime to Remember"

Anyone know what this is from? Appreciate reader for pointing it out .. the detectives seem very interested in watching this guy strip down ...


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