Underwear Commercials - Last video NSFW

John Corbett - United States of Tara

             John has worn tighty whities in at least three different shows/movies. Love this guy.

Al Pacino - Sea of Love - 1989

The original caps I put up yesterday were really dark. I tried to lighten them this morning and re-uploaded. The first two pics are prior to be lightened and all the subsequent ones were edited so you can see the difference.

Hanes - Underwear commercial

Rather odd commercial where a group of grown men are embarrassed to not be wearing the same underwear as Michael Jordan. The next week they proudly wear the red underwear that Michael Jordan was wearing while they were in tighty whities. BUT, now he is wearing different underwear and they again embarrassed. Ummmm, personally if I was Michael Jordan I would find another locker room if the guys in there were that obsessed with making sure their underwear matched mine every week. Still the guys in their tighty whities are pretty hot, Source sucks unfortunately.

Michael Newland (I think) - "Bang" - 2005

While I like (love) the set-up of a cop being embarrasses and tied up to a tree in this tighty whities, the actor didn't do much for me. But, I realize taste is subjective and what doesn't appeal to me likely appeals to others (heck, I think Seth Green is kinda hot, and he lost out to a rock in a looks contest here). So, here ya go and I hope someone enjoys!


Was thinking of having a contest but don't know what to make it (that would relate to the site). The winner would get a copy of the "younger and younger" DVD (or I can burn a copy if you can't play the PAL version). Brenden doesn't do much for me either way and I figure someone else would enjoy the DVD more than I would. Any ideas of a contest idea? And more importantly would anyone even want the prize?

James Ransone - Ken Park - 2002

I already wrote a fair amount about his movie so I am stealing from my previous post here: "Hmmmm ... what to say about this movie. It's a Larry Clark (Bully, Kids) movie but it makes both of those films seem tame. The movie features a LOT of full frontal nudity (male and female), un-simulated sex, a relatively well known actor (James Ransone - the wire) fully nude, fully erect, masturbating in close up shots, while choking himself with money shot included."
This is the James Ransone scene referenced above. Naturally the caps stop long before James did!

Green Day - "Warning" - 2000 music video

Green Day just released a new CD (1 of 3 they will be releasing over the next several months). Here are some caps from an older song that I like.

Eric Close - "American Horror Story" - Season 1

American Horror Story was just released on DVD so here is a scene from it that might be enjoyed here. I actually thought this was a pretty good, albeit ridiculous, series. How can you hate a show with a central character named "Rubber man?" I even thought they ended the series in an acceptable manner (which I won't mention in case someone hasn't seen it but plans to). Reminds me that I need to post the caps I have of Dylan McDermott in his tighty whities from some movie (can't remember which one off hand).

Broke St8 Guys

Just thought I would give a sample of what I am talking about posting in the current poll. If I post pics from these type of sites it will ONLY be guys in tighty whities. There will be zero nudity or sex as that isn't what this blog is about. I admit one reason I was thinking of posting these and mixing them in was to keep the site running longer (after all, at some point I will run out of movies/tv clips unfortunately). So anyway, check out this post and then cast your vote. Majority will rule.

Jason Lewis - Sex and the City

Zen Gesner - "Wish Me Luck" pt 2 - 1995

Zen Gesner - "Wish Me Luck" - 1995

Biggest problem with this movie (aside from the fact that in Spain - where I had to order the DVD from - they advertise it as "Old School 2, even though there is absolutely no link between them) is the fact that Zen plays a nerd in the film.
                                      Yeah, him. A nerd. Of the Screech Powers variety.
 This requires him to wear horrible looking glasses and almost always be making a goofy face. Now, what they got right was having him wear tighty whities (which in 1995 maybe it was good he played a nerd since (unlike the glorious 80's) "nerds" wore briefs and cool guys boxers.
Anyway, at one point Zen is tied to a tree in tighty whities which made the purchase worthwhile. In the end it turns out he is actually an arabian prince or genie or something (movie was in spanish and I didnt have the patience to sit through it with subtitles). Lots of pics so broken in two posts.

Silent Library - "Skid Marks" - MTV

Juvenile title, hot guy. Note the very obvious jockstrap he wears under the tighty whities.


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