Topher Grace - "That's 70's Show" - set 3

This should have been the storm troopers outfit in the Star Wars movies.

Reader help?

Hey guys, a blog reader is looking for the following scene:
"basically it's from a tv show (I think) maybe from around the 90s... two teen guys (supposed to be geeky but one's pretty hot) walking down a road, and they run into some bullies - cut to next shot and they're walking back to their house or somewhere, looking very embarrassed and stripped to their shoes, socks and tighty whities. I think one is trying to cover himself with a cardboard box, it's really cute. The taller one's got floppy hair and is really cute."

I don't know what this is from. Anyone have any ideas or where to find it?

Stephen Rannazzisi - "The League" - 2012

Ilan Mitchell-Smith - "Weird Science" - 1985

Pantsed by bullies (Robert Downey Jr and Robert Russler) in front of girls gym class.

Tom Cruise - "Magnolia" - 1999

Nick Scotti - "Kiss Me Guido" - 1997 - NSFW

About as un-erotic setting as possible (IMHO) but Nick is a great looking guy and I think this is his only scene in briefs.

Tom Selleck - "An Innocent Man" - 1989

? - Men at Work - 1990

Two bike cops handcuffed in an embarrassing position in their underwear for being jerks the whole movie.


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