Various - "American Pie 2"

Anything for you Captain!

Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal - 2012

Took these pics from a trailer for the movie - never heard of this one; the advocate had a blurb on it today. Anyone see it?

Mirko Vucinic - Athlete

Think Fren first brought this guy to my attention. Don't think I actually posted the pics yet though.

Various - "Opposing force" - 1986 - NSFW

Probably a better embarrassment scene than underwear scene. Unfortunately it is pretty quick and my source sucks. Tighty whities and colored briefs in the shot.

Yiftach Klein - "Policeman" - 2011 - NSFW - set 2

If you have a problem with the female nudity here, lighten up ... we all came from a pregnant woman! Actually a sweet scene where he is massaging his pregnant wife.


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