Hamish McDonald - "The truth is?" - video

STRIPPING down to your underwear is one way to pull an audience.
But when you've spent more than a decade building a reputation for serious journalism, it wasn't quite what Channel 10's Hamish MacDonald had in mind when he pitched the idea for a new current affairs program, The Truth Is?

Hamish McDonald - "The truth is?"

Robert Rusler - "Vamp" - 1986

And yet another frat initiation scene. Vamp was a horror comedy (more horror) with Grace Jones that I remember liking back in the day. Not sure how it holds up. Anyway, Robert Rusler was in quite a few 80's movies (nightmare on elm street 2, outsiders, weird science et al) and seemed on the verge of a breakthrough that never happened.

Various unknown - "Van Wilder" - 2001

In continuing with Fraternity postings ("Greek" was Monday) here is a pledge scene from Van Wilder. Nice that in 2001 tighty whities still dominated the scene.


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