Weigh-ins - Boxing and MMA 2

Weigh-ins MMA and Boxing 1

Some of these guys I know and some I don't. I don't follow boxing at all, but do try to keep up with UFC. Anyway I will label who I know. Have a lot more of these to post. If some of these, or future ones, are duplicates, cut me some slack ... the more I post the more I don't remember what I posted!

Matthew Riddle

                                                                   Brandon Thatch

Andy Samberg - Hot Rod

I would take him over Brad Pitt.

Barry Robbins - Bless the Beast and the Children - 1971

The pics here are pretty terrible for 2 reasons:
1) my source material was awful ... I think the movie has finally been released on DVD but this is a VHS rip. Not sure if they would have cleaned up the DVD either.
2) I had to crop like crazy because the only actor I know that is of age was Barry Robbins (who, although playing (and looking like) a teen was actually 26 years old when the film was made.
The best known actor in the movie was arguably Bill Mumy from Lost in Space. He played the rebel teen in this movie (he was 17 at the time). There was a ton of tighty whitie scenes from him and others in the flick but they are generally underage which kind of kills the scene in terms of eroticism. However, forgetting about that, this is actually a pretty good flick but it is definitely of it's time. A group of misfit kids go on a roadtrip to rescue buffalo's before they can be slaughtered by hunters. Has a pretty brutal ending. The carpenters did the title track.
Barry Robbins was gay and, unfortunately died of AIDS as a pretty young guy.

"tighty whities music video" - Alex Farnham

You might catch yourself singing this one - it's kind of catchy in a generic, auto-tuned way.

"Tighty whitie music video" - Alex Farnham

The you tube clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SleYYRyVESA)  is credited to Alex Farnham, so I guess it is this guy (http://www.damitsgood.com/index.html). The one in the blue shirt (Alex?) is smoking hot. If only this was the attire for all attractive people.

Brad Pitt - Johnny Suede - 1991

This 1991 flick was made (or at least released) the same year as "Thelma and Louise" so Brad's star was on the rise. Here are some pics of him in his white (well not quite white, but they started out white) briefs. I do like that he apparently wears tighty whities in his everyday life.  I remember reading an interview with Pitt when the movie came out saying how he wanted the white briefs to look ratty and old. Mission accomplished!  I think this is a text-book example of "distressed" underwear.

"Rock Stars in their underpants"

In 1980 Paula Yates (she had ongoing relationships with Bob Geldolf and Michael Hutchance) published an oddity of a book. It was titled "Rock Stars in their Underpants" and was just pictures of popular artists at the time in their underwear. It included Madonna, David Lee Roth, Rod Stewart, Sparks and many others. The problem was only two of the rock stars wore tighty whities. One was the band "The Knack" of "My Sharona" fame and the other was Ted Nugent. I'm putting up a picture of the Knack because I genuinely like their music and the picture of Ted Nugent because I think it would appall him to be on a site frequented by gay men in his underwear.
Actually, are those tighty whites or is Ted in a unitard or something?

                                                                              The Knack

Pierce Bronsan - Remington Steele

These are pictures I had never seen before. A reader was kind enough to send them to me yesterday (He wants to remain anonymous). If anyone else has any pics they want posted of celebs in tighty whities feel free to sent them to me. I never watched Remington Steele but it looks like I should have.


A reader e-mailed and asked me about this movie the other day, so I figured I would put it out there. Another great scene from the 80's where the cool guys and the jocks wouldn't be caught dead wearing anything but white briefs! And for the Bi-sexuals out there, there are actual women this time too!

More Fun in the NAVY

Got to say, if I went into the military I think it would be the Navy... they don't seem shy about dancing in their briefs ... plus they have the good sense to keep the guy in boxer briefs in the back. And as much as I dislike Tom Cruise, I must admit his tighty whitie dance in Risky Business is the gift that keeps on giving!
Here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrrF9EQZcRQ

Emilio Estevez - Repo Man Bonus

A reader pointed out I didn't post one of the best scenes from the movie, so here I am to rectify my mistake. I think this ends Emilio Estevez day but it does it in a pretty good fashion. Here Otto drops trou to ask for oral sex and only gets a slap in the face for it. It's hard to be a punk!

Emilio Estevez .. That was then ... this is now - 1985

And a very brief (get it?) scene from "That was then ... this is now," a S.E. Hinton novel turned movie. Emilio wrote the screenplay for it. The other guy in the scene is Craig Sheffer who finally decided to do a movie where he wasn't in his underwear. I think the girl is "Nancy" from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Emilio Estevez - Repo Man - 1984

Remember when Emillio Estevez was considered cool? What, you say he was never considered cool? Well then, you my friend, have never seen the 1984 Alex Cox movie "Repo Man." Estevez played a disaffected teen named Otto who became a repo-man. This movie is considered a "cult classic" and it's easy to see why. It has a great punk movie soundtrack and is way to bizarre to ever be called commercial. Having said that, it is a movie of it's time and I'm honestly not sure how much I would like it if had hadn't seen it in 1984 when it first came out. Anyone else see this one back in the day? If you like punk music at all check out the soundtrack. It has Black Flack, Iggy pop, circle jerks, suicidal tendencies and others.

Otto being neat and folding his pants before sex!

Video Violence 2 - the video

Video Violence 2 (1987) - Movie dance/striptease

OK, when I found this scene and saved the video clip, I had no idea I would eventually be doing this blog so I didn't bother labeling what it was from. I just labeled it as "Horror dance." I do remember it was an incredibly cheap looking horror film. I think there may have been more than one story in the movie (maybe a horror anthology?) and I think the guy was delivering pizzas. I could be totally wrong though. My memory really sucks and this I really just downloaded the flick for this scene. If anyone knows what it is from though let me know (AND ... somebody knew! Thanks Mike).

Michael Goorjian - Deal of a Lifetime - 1999

This was a pretty weak movie with a pretty great scene. If you know Michael Goorjian it is likely from his playing Julia's boyfriend "Justin" in TV's "Party of Five." "Deal of a lifetime" is your basic "sell your soul to the devil to meet girl of your dreams" story. In this particular scene, the Devil causes Michael to be embarrassed by having his clothes disappear in public, leaving him clad in only his briefs.


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