David Boreanaz - "The Crow - Wicked Prayer" - 2005

David is definitely more Angelus than Angel in this flick. Interesting that "Satan" chooses to wear white briefs (not complaining).

Nicholas Hoult - "A single Man" - 2009 - NSFW

Saw this guy recently in X-Men: First Class and thought he was great looking. Found some not so great pics of him in tighty whities. Unfortunately read a quote from him where he said he would rather be filmed naked than in briefs so this may be the best we get.

Robbie Benson - "Running Bave" - 1983 pt. 3

Doug Savant - "Masquerade" - 1988

Doug was so bland on Melrose Place I forgot this great scene from Masquerade with Rob Lowe. To make it even better, Doug plays a cop in those moments he is wearing clothese. Unfortunately the DVD really chops off a lot of good stuff. May post the VHS version later for comparison.

Ben Jorgensen - "The Break" - 1995

Great scene. Beautiful young man tied to bed posts and about to have sex with woman when his dad comes into the room .. followed by his tennis coach. While they argue, the kid just lays in bed in his tighty whities. Tighty whities, beautiful guy, some bondage and embarrassment: Not a bad thanksgiving treat from the blog.

Happy Thanksgiving

To American readers.

Adam Pally - "Happy Endings"

One of the best current comedies on TV.

Robbie Benson - "Running Brave" - 1983 pt.2

If you were a kid in the 80's and didn't have some sort of crush on Robbie you were a straight male.

Terry W. Farren - "Final Exam" - 1981 pt. 1

Hmmm ... not sure how I never posted these. I think when I started the blog I either did caps or the video (cause I do have the video up). This is the only acting credit in Terry's name but it is a memorable one. This scene will take more than one post.


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