Michael Angarano - Black Irish - 2007

Didn't know this one existed until today.

Gael Garcia Bernal - La Mala Educacion (Bad Education) - 2004 - NSFW

 I thought Gael was hot in Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) but he looks as good, if not better in this scene. The movie (by Pedro Almodovar) is from Spain and would be good without the tighty whities scene, but I sure appreciate it being put in. When first undressing to swim, Gael starts to take down his underwear but stops when he see's the other guy in the pool leering at him. Lucky for us he keeps the undies on and goes for a swim.

Future post!

From "justadream.org" webstire:
"Just got out of this film at the Toronto International Film Festival and am happy to report that Michael Angarano has several eye candy scenes throughout this morality tale about a couple who find a magic teapot that dispenses money whenever they hurt themselves.

In a number of scenes Angarano is either shirtless or pantless and tighty whitey fans will be pleased that Mr Angarano is catering to them.

In one scene we even get a little spicy as Angarano and his wife (played by Juno Temple) get into S&M and said tighty whiteys are pulled down so she can spank his butt."

Love this guy .... can't wait to cap this scene for you guys!

Jacques Santi and Christian Marin - Les chevaliers du ciel

My favorite anonymous french reader sent me the link to this. Nice scene!

I'm .....


Diego Sanchez - The Ultimate Fighter

Boyd Kestner and Rodney Harvey - "The Outsiders" - TV

Great scenes let down by horrible source. Don't know why this show was never released on DVD. The three brothers are in their underwear around the house in several episodes.

Norman Reedus - Six ways to Sunday

Silent Library - Pig Roast - MTV

Reb Brown -Sssssss - 1973 - NFSW

This was Reb's first acting experience. Given his somewhat limited range, he couldn't have asked for a better part than "Good looking guy in briefs." The geeks in the crowd (of which I include myself) might remember Reb was also the first live action Captain America in two horrible made for TV movies. These movie changed CA uniform, shield and origin. Of the 70's live action superhero explosion (Spider-man, the Hulk, wonder wonder, Dr. Strange).  CA holds the distinction of being the worst. It did re-team him with Heather Menzies from Sssssss. Ssssssss was an okay "mad scientist" flick with a young, and incredibly attractive, Dirk Benedict. There was a skinny dipping scene with Dirk and Heather that played out like a scene from "Austin Powers" with foliage covering enough to ensure a PG rating. Finally the tagline for this movie was "Don't say it .... hiss it." I imagine it would have been difficult to seem cool on a date when ordering ticket for this film.

Dean Cochran (expanded) - Amityville Horror - It's about time - 1992

Let's not remember Dean for how he died, but for how he lived. Because at least he died in his tighty whities. 

Keanu Reeves - Parenthood - 1989

Who says that Keanu Reeves can't act? Pretty crummy source material but best I can do for now.


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