Jay Starr - "This is how we go-go" - NSFW

This song is as stupid as it is catchy ... hear it once and remember it for a lifetime! The video is on youtube if interested. Fair amount more nudity than I capped here.

? - Malcolm in the Middle

Suggested by reader. From season 2, "Dinner Out" ... the rowdy girls strip the guy naked and throw Francis his underwear.

Hmmmmm ... Should I be annoyed that ..

this site - http://hot-celebrities-males.blogspot.com - is just flat out lifting all my posts and putting them up with zero credit? I wouldn't care if they took pics at all but they even lift why I write about the posts.  Not sure if I am annoyed or not.

Aidan Quinn - "Reckless" - 1984 - NSFW

Some nudity in this one so proceed at own risk.

Alexander Gould - "Weeds"

Various - "Malcolm in the Middle"

These may look pink but Technically they are tighty whites. The joke is that one of the guys put a red shirt in with the wash turning their white briefs pink.

Zac Waddell - "The bachelorette"

Don't watch "the bachelorette" so found info on this guy from another site:
"Prepare to fall in love, America! Zak Waddell might just be the hunkiest stud in Desiree Hartsock's contestant pool on ABC's The Bachelorette Season 9, and he has a dynamite personality to boot! This 31-year-old drilling engineer hails from San Antonio, Texas, and received a B.S. in Psychology and English from Texas A&M, as well as a Masters of Humanities in Politics and Philosophy from University of Dallas. In other words, he's a major smarty pants.

Zak used to work as a Congressional Liaison in the United States Senate from 2006-2007, but nowadays he whiles away his time frolicking in pits of mud. Yep, this Bachelorette bro is a mud engineer for AIP Incorporated, and says he has a "solid knowledge of Drilling Processes with an expertise in Drilling Fluids."


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