Frank Szeibert - "The Wild Life" - 1984 - NWFW

This is the ONLY credit Frank has listed on IMDB. Strip-poker scene. NSFW

Richard Thomas - 9/30/55 - 1978 - Expanded

Request from aways back, but just found saw more pics from it in a yahoo group so thought I would expand it (from the one pic I previously had).

CaptainCold1 collection - Reader request

This is a collection of scenes the capt. wanted saved from a myspace site. I am putting them all together in one post but they were 4 separate videos (which I will note). The quality is acceptable to horrible based on the source material. IMPORTANT: I am assuming these guys are of age and there was nothing written on the video information (on Myspace) to indicate they aren't. If anyone knows otherwise please tell me and the pics will be immediately removed.
Pantsed at store:

"The Safety Dance" - Basically a pied piper going down the street in his tighty whities is joined by those that see him:

"Stripped at Work" - Adult Site - Set 2 - NSFW

2nd and final set (from me ... a lot more happens in the series but the briefs stay off). A bit of NSFW at the end.

"Stripped at Work" - Adult Site - set 1

Okay basic plot is this: "Jae" is a new worker in some sort of factory. His bosses decide to sexually humiliate him and he goes along cause he doesn't want to lose his job. He is told they have to inspect his body because the boss notices a "rash" (which he continues to deny as it isn't present). The boss tells him he must have gotten into chemicals at work while goofing off and the rash is due to this. Whenever Jae complains or states they are wrong they threaten to fire him so he continues to cooperate to the bitter end. 2 sets of pics cause there are quite a few.

Stephen Dorff - GQ photoshoot?

Beautiful (to me) guy. Been in a lot of stuff and can be currently seen on TV hawking "electronic" cigarettes. Probably best known for "Blade." Love these pics. Everytime I am attracted to a guy he seems of shorter stature (Stephen is 5'7").

Michael Manasseri - "Weird Science" - TV

Reader request/recommendation:
Michael is such a cute guy. Brief humiliation scene tied up while in undies for all to see as they pass by. You may recognize his brother on the show as the guy from "Oz."

Jonathan Keane - "Boy's on Film 8: Spring"

Not going to lie, stole these caps directly from this site - While not geared specifically towards underwear you will find it there along with a ton of nude caps. Good site, check it out. Anyway, didn't see this movie/scene but it looks like some BDSM may be going on? This scene goes on (sans white briefs) on eviltwins site if you want to see what else happens.

Jason Scott Lee - "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" - 1993

Reader request


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