Joseph Dain - "Bullet" - 1996 - NSFW

This is one of my favorite non-white brief scenes. Two preppy punks are stripped naked by drug dealers that are trying to score drugs from. The scene goes on for quite a bit longer but this isn't a nude site so I didn't cap it .... worth seeking out if you are into embarrassment nudity.

B. Wyatt - "Skin and Bone" - 1996 Set 1

Reader suggestion. Reader was dead on that this movie has a TON of nudity and some great tighty whitie scenes. Don't think the guy is to happy to have to be stripping down in this particular scene.

Poll Results

The poll results are surprising and scaring me. Colored briefs don't do much for me but I guess they would extend the life of the site.

Ed Helms - "Cedar Rapids" - 2011 - set 1

Ed is in his underwear a great deal in this 2011 comedy. He shows off a surprisingly (well, it surprised me) good body in his briefs.

Evan Peters - "American Horror Story" - 2013 ep. 12 set 3

Evan defending his family while in briefs and brandishing a shot-gun. Somehow has gotten access to my subconscious. These were mainly far away shots, unfortunately. Tried zooming a few of them.

Evan Peters - "American Horror Story" - 2013 ep. 12 set 2

Evan Peters - "American Horror Story" - 2013 ep. 12

I will be overdoing this one. Evan Peters appeared in his tighty whities last night in quite a few scenes and I will be capping all of them. this is the first scene and hopefully the blood isn't to off putting to people.

Victor Rasuk - "Adrift in Manhattan" - 2007 - NSFW

In keeping with my general belief that shorter guys are hotter (Victor is allegedly 5'7") I think this guy is smoking hot and love these pics.

Help - Victor Rasuk movie name

I know I have this scene somewhere on my computer but I can't find it. Does anyone know what movie this scene is from. I want to cap it ... think this guy is gorgeous.

Chick Vennera and Cleavon Little (I think) - "High Risk" - 1981 set 1

Basically kid makes them give him all their clothes in exchange for breaking them out of jail.


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