Brían F. O'Byrne (I think) - Before the Devil Knows Your Dead - 2007

Thanks to reader for bringing this scene to my attention. Another more recent film. I was scared at first because the first actor I saw in the movie was Phillip Seymour Hoffman and I was afraid he was the one that was going to be in his undies (no dis-respect to Hoffman, he is a great actor and I'm sure some people would like to see him in his underwear but he isn't my taste). I wish Ethan Hawke would do a scene in white briefs :-( But, then again, I never thought Josh Harnet would and I was proven wrong so maybe there is hope for Ethan.
Hey, personally I put on my pants BEFORE answering the door, but I'm glad this guy rolls differently.

Chris Lowell - Graduation - 2007

Probably best known for his recurring role on "Veronica Mars" and "Private Practice" this scene captures Chris hanging out in his room in his underwear when a girl surprises (and embarrasses) him. Again, I like this scene (for obvious reasons) partially because it was made in 2007 but there was no negative comment made for him wearing tighty whities. He would have been 23 years old when this scene was filmed. Pretty gorgeous guy.

Patrick Flueger - The Job pt.2 - 2009

This scene is even better than the 1st one. Patrick is being paid a very unfriendly visit by several men and women. The best thing is that there is zero derogatory comments about the white briefs by anyone.

Patrick Flueger - The Job - 2009

You have to love any scene where, when startled by someone in his bedroom, the actor gets up, puts on a shirt and stays in his tighty whities for the rest of the scene. In 2009, no less. Patrick is maybe best known for his role in the TV show "the 4400" and was also in the Footloose remake. He was lead singer in a band but not sure they every released anything. I think he is a really good looking guy. Movie is currently streaming on Netflix. For some reason this captures came out really dark so I tried to lighten them somewhat.


Just ran out of free storage. Didn't know there was a limit. Wouldn't let me upload anymore pics :-(

Cop in tighty whities

A reader of the blog was looking for a certain movie scene of a cop in briefs. Check the comment section under Jason Williams Jason Williams -Danger Zone 4: Mad Girls, Bad Girls and see if you can help out with the name. In the meantime here are some caps from a british show, that is similar to americas "candid camera." I would be more than ok getting a speeding ticket if the cops dressed like this.

Tim Daly - "Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde" - 1994

The worst movies seem to have some of the best tighty whitie scenes. This was a pretty tough scene to track down (at least for me) so I hope you like:

Jason Williams -Danger Zone 4: Mad Girls, Bad Girls

This was a request from my favorite French anonymous reader. This one is an oddity. For one thing, it doesn't even have a listing on IMDB. If the lead actor looks a bit familiar it's because Jason Williams played the title role in the 70's X rated "Flesh Gordon." This movie had to be written for someone's fetish (and it's likely Jason Williams wrote it since he wrote Danger Zone 3). The entire film consisted of Jason Williams (a cop) getting caught by a gang of bad girls, stripped to this tighty whities and tied down, while they each took turns doing a strip tease in front of him. He gets away, they chase him (while he is still in his underwear and boots), he gets a gun, makes them strip and drives away with one of the girls. End of film.

Self indulgent non-underwear post

This is my current favorite song. I think Passion Pit is brilliant in how they combine pretty brutal lyrical content with incredibly catchy beats  (not that the music on this track is particularly upbeat). I have concert tickets to two different Passion Pit shows in the next few months and can't wait to see them live.

Samuel Ball - "13 Going On 30"

Played for a joke in the movie, but he looks far from a joke in his briefs. Damn sub-titles though!

1313: Cougar Cult pt.2

If you are easily frightened you might want to skip the pics near the bottom which feature the "Cougar Woman" ready to strike!
                                  This guy looks better the closer he gets to the screen!

1313 - Cougar cult pt. 1

As much as I make fun of these movies by David Decoteau (and they deserve to be made fun of) I have to admit this one had some hot guys in it. The only requirements for the male actors in this movie is to look good in underwear and be willing to rub your hands all over yourself while in your underwear. I made a billion caps of it so I am breaking it into two parts. You owe it to yourself to look at the last pictures in part 2. It shows the "monster" in the movie and really needs to be seen to be believed. There is grade B and then there is this ...

1313 Frankenqueen

David Decoteau strikes again. He seems to pump out about 20 of these movies a year! I don't think anyone actually watches them as much as they skip to the underwear scene of their choice. These were the only guys in white briefs so hopefully I have saved you from having to watch the movie.

vance's underwear dance - video

Vance's underwear dance - Ad?

 This guy reminds me of the youtube video where the guy gets pantsed in the supermarket.


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