Hugo Vasquez - "Mi Gorda Bella" - pt.2 -Telenovela

Fred Buch- "Shock Waves" - 1977

Accident on boat at night ... all the other passengers put on pants prior to investigating. Not this guy! That makes him the true hero of the movie even I can't remember who he is. Oh yeah, and there are nazi zombies in the flick.

Jonathan Tucker - "The Black Donnellys" - 2007 - Bonus pic

Behind the scenes shot from "The Black Donnellys." Clearly, costuming (or whatever her job is) is the field to be in:

"Cowboy" - Youtube

So, there is a guy on Youtube ("Cowboy" - who I believe is straight) who does video's per audience interaction and then auctions of the stuff he wears/uses in the video's on E-bay. Hey, good for him if he can make some money in this fashion. Not really into smoking but I guess he knows his audience. He even shows his feet to the camera and mentions he knows that some people have a foot fetish. For a "bad boy" he is pretty eager to please. Anyway, he is pretty good looking IMHO and maybe this post will build him more of an audience. Be patient with the pics ... he gets down to the whities.

Johnny Depp - 'Cry-baby" - 1990

Confession time: Johnny Depp does nothing for me. Even seeing him in briefs does nothing for me. Not sure why. Obviously, I can see that he is a good looking guy. And he has made several movies I have liked. I've just never understood his appeal as a sex-symbol. Having said that, "Cry-baby" (and John Waters previous film, "Hairspray") were both pretty great movies. Wasn't a huge fan of Waters until he reined himself in somewhat and stopped with just trying to shock his audience ("Pink Famingos" anyone?). Actually, if I had the choice I would have rather seen the "squares" (Baldwin and his group) in their tighty whities rather than Depp. I am sure I am in the minority here. Pics were surprisingly dark so I tried to lighten them up somewhat.

Harrison Ford - ?

Anyone know what this is from? Is there any point to seeking it for more caps or is this the best we get? Thanks.

Matthias Schweighöfer and Friedrich Mücke - "Friendship" - 2010 pt 2

Hopefully, you guys aren't going to get tired of Matthias and Friedrich because this movie has no less than 6 separate scenes of them in their undies and all 6 scenes will (eventually) make their way onto the blog. Foreign movies (well, foreign to me) rock! In this scene they are being strip-searched at customs.

Unknowns - VEGAS - S,1 ep. 6 - 2012

Thank Reader Beau for pointing out this scene to me.

 The lawman didn't have enough handcuffs so he made them stand with their pants around their ankles so they wouldn't run way.


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