B. Wyatt - Natural History of Parking Lots.

Thanks to reader for pointing out where this was on Youtube. Here are a few pics from it.

Troy Gentile - The Goldbergs S3 ep. 1

Ok, the caps suck :-(. He was sliding so fast the pics come out pretty blurred.

Nick Jonas - Scream Queens

Finally! Thanks V, for pointing this out. Not the greatest scene but been hoping he would be in briefs ...

B. Wyatt - Natural History of Parking Lots

Reader pointed this out but this is all I could find ... anyone know where to find this movie? Description on cinemale: This hard to find video has yet to be rereleased. It's a black and white film about two friends. B. Wyatt is the humpiest, and spends much of the movie in tightie whities. He has some brief rear scenes, showing frontal and rear. But this one is for underwear fans.

Troy Gentile

Promo for tomorrows episode .. apparently an homage to "Risky Business."


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