Anthony Carrino - Host of HGTV's Kitchen Cousins

Stole this directly from Underwear4men site so a lot of you guys probably already saw it. Never heard of this guy but he is really nice looking. Apparently he ripped his pants on the show. He said on twitter that he wears briefs.

Weekend question

What actor/musician/athlete etc were you most surprised to see in white briefs in a movie/ tv series etc (not necessarily who is your favorite)? For example mine would likely be John Krasinski on the office:
As I said in the post I would have thought for sure they would have made him a boxers guy given the time period the office was shot in. Very pleasant surprise. Anyone else have any scenes like that (that have been posted or not).

Billy Magnussen - ?

Anyone know what this is from? Would like to get more pics if I can.

Michael Cera - Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus

Colored brief Wednesday 2 days late :-)

Hanes - "Be you" - Ad - 2001 repost

Reader sent a link to some better pictures (think they are better at least) of this classic commercial.

Дрянь - 1990

No idea what this is (google translate says it is Russian for "stuff").

Charlie Schlatter - Delinquents - Set 2

Like I said, he is in his underwear a LOT in this movie.


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