Weekend question

What actor/musician/athlete etc were you most surprised to see in white briefs in a movie/ tv series etc (not necessarily who is your favorite)? For example mine would likely be John Krasinski on the office:
As I said in the post I would have thought for sure they would have made him a boxers guy given the time period the office was shot in. Very pleasant surprise. Anyone else have any scenes like that (that have been posted or not).


  1. For sure, when I were 13 yo, Matt Dillon made me discover, Americain guys could wear white briefs, like french ones. Thanks to the movie The Outsiders (FF Copola). Untill this time, it was a major question for me : all these american guys i am seeing in movies and TV series... what hell do they wear under their pants ? I wished white briefs exist outside of France, but never have any idea (except for Germany. I had got friends over there, and noticed they were more old fashioned than we in France : very plain white briefs, like our grand fatherss. ) I visited USA first à 19 yo and discoverd Hanes and FOL brands. ew years later I discovered Grant Goodeve in an infamous flick : Take two (i wish I could find it again, I was crazy of this guy in the TV serie he casted ) and Nightmaer on Elm street ....
    In Europe, I would never forget the Spanish Michel Bose and the english one Chris Martin, in Whitie birefs during talk show. The one take his pants off once, to show his leges, the orther, as you know of this webbsite, was playing with "Borat"

  2. I agree, for some reason I never pegged Jim from the office as a briefs man. He always struck me as a boxers guy for sure, so it was a very pleasant surprise to see him in tighty whities.

  3. Jesse Bradford in Happy Endings. Love Swimfan. Speedo, white briefs. If you zoom in...LOL. u can see the head of his penis on ch 14 . Trust.

  4. Boxer wearing grandpas are dying out.

  5. I would have to say Zac Efron in his briefs in the Paper Boy caught me off guard considering the start of his career he really came off as a prude swearing he would never even do a shirtless shot. Of course look at the types of movies he did at the start of his career. I always thought that guy is hot and muscled and would look so good in his underwear, but they'll probably be boxers, so when it was tighty whities in Paper Boy what more could I ask for.

    1. I've actually seen pictures with him sagging and in a couple he's pretty clearly wearing tighty whities. He generally seems to be a boxer brief guy but he seems to switch it up a bit.

    2. He seems like the kind of guy who just has all kinds in his drawer and switches it up daily.

  6. I thought I had posted on here but guess not.

    The scene of Ryan Pinkston in briefs from Tower Prep surprised me. I think before that episode we had seen another character in boxers so I figured that's what everyone would wear. When he appeared in briefs and the scene lasted a decent amount of time (and he appeared in briefs again later in the episode) I couldn't believe it. This was a big surprise. I never expected it from a show aimed at a younger audience.

    The same can be said of Jerry Trainor in iCarly. Can't remember the episode but he was in his briefs for a good length and there's an embarrassment scene in there as well. I never expected to see briefs on either Nick or Disney. Boxers have always been the norm.

    Joey Pollari in the Inbetweeners. I had a crush on him when I saw him in Avalon High and hoped he would do a briefs scene eventually. Then lo and behold he has a great one in the Inbetweeners.



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