Wayne Jarrat- "Prisoner Cell Block H" - ep.248 - Expanded with new pics.

posting for Fren. Australian soap opera set inside a women's prison. I vaguely recall this show being on when I was (much) younger. In this scene I believe there has been a prison break and the women strip the male guard down to his briefs and throw him into a cell. Bad source but decent embarrassment scene.

Twisted Nightmare

Not sure if i even have the right name for this ... can't find a movie called "Killer Nightmare" listed on IMDB.

Nightmare Weekend - 1986

Another beyond horrible Troma movie. I don't know if it was because it was on youtube but this movie was so dark you could barely make out what was happening. Thank God the guy was wearing white underwear because if they were black he would have just disappeared into his surroundings.

Sexual Tension: Volatile - 2012

Not sure where I heard of this one but I'm assuming a reader pointed it out to me at one point.


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