? - "Songwriter" - 1984

Good if you like embarrassment scenes. Thanks to the reader that recommend this one, I had never heard of it.

Frederick Lau - Neue Vahr Sued

How the hell .....

did anyone ever join Underwear4men.com site???? I have tried multiple times over several days and can NEVER put in the "confirmation code" needed to join. Am I colorblind or something? I can never discern all the letters or numbers I suppose I am supposed to be seeing.

Adult site: Physical

Will go back to celebs after this but will post some of these occasionally as they seem popular. In this scenario the poor kid is already nervous about his physical and then finds out his teacher will also be present throughout. Every time he tries to cover himself the teacher slaps his hands away. Then to make things worse a girl in his class he doesn't like shows up and they invite her to stay.

Adult Site

He was supposed to be interviewing her for a job but somehow she took control of the interview and him, ultimately stripping him down to his tighty whities.

Les minets sauvages - 1984 - Set 2

This scene is different from the other one posted. They look similar because the only time they wore underwear was at bedtime. During the day they went commando and then at night they had to put on the underwear and place their clothes in a basket that the "jailer" took with him. 

Les minets sauvages - 1984 - Set 1

I'm not sure if this is a porn film with a lot of plot or a adult movie with the most graphic sex scenes ever. Either way, it makes "Prison for Children" seem like a Disney flick. Unless you are heavy into rape scenes you are better off skipping this flick and just enjoying the caps. If I didn't see the flick I would enjoy the caps more (as it was I did a lot of fast forwarding). Kind of indifferent on this one but will post more from it if people want them. This review from IMDB probably sums it up better than I could: As usual, Jean-Michel Cadinot pays attention to the details that almost all adult film directors completely overlook. Character development of the main players allows for caring about what happens them, and provides an understanding of their actions, and fears. In fact, the directors approach makes it quite difficult to become sexually aroused while watching, as so many of the images on screen are as disturbing, and sad, as they are erotic. This is almost unheard of in adult film, (I can't call this porn, as this is on another level completely.)


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