Jason Gedrick - "Promised Land"

This guy first got my attention in a cheesy 80's movie called the "Heavenly Kid" where someone used magic powers to make his clothes disappear in a store. But, he was totally naked in that scene which doesn't fit this blogs agenda so instead these are some caps from a movie called "Promised Land." I bought this DVD just for this scene. This is a beautiful guy that should have had a bigger career.

john krasinski - The office

 Great scene where Jim Halbert walks in the room while Pam is video blogging. He realizes it, gives an embarrassed wave and walks away saying, "You have to let me know when you're doing that." Always thought Halbert would be a boxer guy so how great a sighting was this?

Robbie Benson - Ice castles and Running Brave NSFW

Running Brave - Not sure how this got a "PG" rating back in the day as there is full frontal male nudity. Mind you, there is nothing sexual about it as it takes place in a locker room. There are some underwear sightings also, most notably Robbie, of course. Considering how most people would consider our society more sexually open than 30 years ago, I guarantee that the shower scene would have been excised if released today. matter of fact, I have heard the DVD actually edits it. I wonder why people have body issues when they are trained that simple nudity, with no sex involved, is a bad thing. The movie itself is an okay, if pretty formulaic, sports movie telling the true story of Billy Mills who ran, and won, in the Olympics.

"Ice Castles" - Another movie based on an actual athlete, this one was about a female skater who became blinded but continued to compete. Robbie was her boyfriend. The movie itself is ok but not really my cup of tea. As a matter of fact, if Robbie didn't have one of the most (and best) gratuitous underwear scenes of all time, I can pretty much guarantee I would have never watched it. I first saw pictures from this at the corner drugstore in a "fotonovel." These "fotonovels" were paperback books that took several hundred stills from a movie and inserted the dialogue from the film into the pictures much like a comic book. In the days before VCR/DVD they were the only way to "re-watch" a movie. I bought them for "Star Trek" and "battlestar Galactica" but Ice Castles was the one I really wanted due to the pics of Robbie in briefs. Of course I could never justify buying it as it was a "romance" movie so I would sneak looking at it whenever I could go to the store. Kinda pathetic. Straight kids were sneaking pics at playboy and I was sneaking pics at a fotonovel of a PG movie. This movie also had a huge hit with a fairly sappy tune by Melissa Manchester (I think) ... it was kind of the "My heart will go on" song of the late 70's. Great scene below:

Urijah Faber - MMA

As long as we were talking about MMA fighters, this is Urijah Faber and these may be my favorite weigh-in pics. His nickname is "The California Kid."

Ryan Guzman - MMA fighter to Actor

I have to admit, posed shots (like the Calvin Klein below) don't generally do much for me. Much prefer pics where they seem to be in natural environment. But, this guy is so ridiculously good looking with a body that doesn't even seem possible that I'm throwing it up anyway. Let's hope he does an "eighties" period movie and we can get a great movie briefs scene from him (BTW, he is the lead in "Step Up 3" ... seems a worthy follow-up to Channing).

Josh Brolin

Thought his dad was pretty good looking but I think his son pretty much outdoes him. He also has done a few more tighty whitie scenes but none near the quality of Dads.
                                                                      From Milk

James Brolin - The Amityville Horror -1979

If Ryan Reynolds would have kept this scene in the weak re-make maybe it would have been more memorable.


I think I need psychiatric help...

Am playing "Saints Row 2" on playstation 3 and have just had my character running around in tighty whities the entire game.

Youtube - Attempt at Superbowl ad

Dermot Mulroney - Jolene - NSFW

Showing I am not ageist, here is a pic from an older Dermot showing he still has the same great taste in undies. This is the last I have of Dermot unless someone knows of other scenes. Nudity after the jump in case you're not into that sort of thing.

Dermot Mulrony, Sean Astin (kinda) and a Manikin - Staying Together - 1989

I think Dermot was contractually obligated to wake up in bed in his tighty whities in his early movies.

Dermot Mulroney - Sin of Innocence - 1986

Before DVR and cable re-running things constantly, finding a scene like this was both exciting and disappointing. Exciting because, well I will let the pics speak for themselves, and disappointing because there was no way to capture it (at least for me) except in your memory. I was glad to finally find this scene again. Don't really care for the movie (brother and sister -by marriage, not blood- fall in love, much to the chagrin of their parents) but it was actually done fairly well, and not nearly as exploitative as the title and subject matter would lead you to believe. If the Brady Bunch would have covered this topic they might have gotten a 6th season.

Reader request - "last american virgin" video

"The guy with the biggest tool, wins the pool"

Matt Bush - Glory Daze - Video

Posted the pics a few months ago. Here's the video to go with it. I asked Matt Bush on twitter how he got stuck wearing the bikini briefs and he said he doesn't know who made that choice but that he was sure they had a good laugh.

Tom Brady

I have my fantasy football draft coming up so in honor of that, here is one of football's premier quarterbacks in his briefs.

Black Lips - Live in Undies!

Love this band (the music and the choice of underwear). Have this video if anyone wants it posted.

Various musicians in various underwear

                                                                       Jason Mraz (I think)
                                                            Martin Kemp (Spandau Ballet)
                                                                           Ned Shatzer



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