? - The Invisible Man

Thanks to V for the find!

? - Delta House

Per V: "This is from the second episode of Delta House, a TV spin-off/sequel to Animal House. The frat has to ensure their team wins the football game so they resort to cheating. In this case they cut part of the opposing team's kicker's pants so that when he goes to kick they rip, exposing his tighty whities and causing him to trip and miss the kick. It is a decent humiliation scene but I do wish the source was better. It is a 1979 TV show that has never been released on DVD."

John Bolger - Sex in the City S4ep.6

Thanks to reader for pointing this out.

Christopher Howe - Going Back

And thanks again, to reader Adam, for sending these awesome pics to the blog!

Sam Rockwell - Lawn Dogs

Thanks to reader Adam for sending the blog these pics!

Ross Lynch - Instagram

Well, at least we know he wears briefs!


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