Bill Pullman - "The Serpent and the Rainbow" 2 - 1988

Separated these out because they involve torture and some blood. So if you don't like that stuff skip it. Otherwise ....

Bill Pullman - "The Serpent and the Rainbow" - 1988

I have no idea how I forgot about this scene. I saw this movie (at the movies) when it was first out and haven't re-watched it until today. As a horror fan, I have to say that Wes Craven is maddeningly inconsistent. He has made some great horror films (Nightmare on elm street, new nightmare, Hills have eyes, Scream) some interesting but ultimately failed horror films (screams 2-4, last house on left, shocker, people under the stairs) and some total mis-fires (deadly friend, Hills have eyes 2, deadly blessing). I would place "serpent and the rainbow" just missing the first list. This movie had some of the creepiest scenes in Wes' canon .. especially the scene of Bill Pullman being buried alive. For some reason I just didn't think the movie gelled together like his best films do. Pullman was definitely more attractive than I remembered him being though so thanks to the readers that brought the movie up.

Erik Estrada - "The Cross and the Switchblade" - 1970

Horrible, horrible Pat Boone movie. 7 years before CHIPS made him a star.


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