Weigh-ins - Various - 6

Been a while since I posted any weigh-in pics. May have posted some of these before ... getting hard to keep track :-(

Top Chef - French version

Fren pointed this out ... I had to turn off my adblock to see it (if anyone else is having the same problem). Love the French language ... wish I would have stuck with in college. All I can say in French now is "I'm hungry." BTW, if he didn't want to be seen in his briefs why didnt he put on a pair of pants before he opened the door? I need to work in a hotel in room service ...

Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) - Harlem Shake video

Not a lot to see here ... would it have killed him to turn around or move the frigging guitar! :-)

Wilmer Calderon - Annapolis - 2006

Never saw this movie. Love scenes like this though. Wish James Franco (who is in this scene) was in briefs too. Speaking of Franco, has he ever done a scene in white briefs?

David Rashe -Wicked Stepmother - 1989

Bad caps from a worse movie ... but hey, it's an embarrassment scene.

Topher Grace - "That 70's Show"

Some left over pics .... these are more "tease" shots in which you know he is in briefs but don't see much. Sometimes that can be kind of hot - although I prefer the no-tease shots :-)


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