Kevin Miranda - "Consent" (2012) - Set 2

Kevin Miranda - "Consent" (2012) - Set 1

OK, Like most stories this takes a little time to get going so thought I would start posting some of the set-up. Remember, unless I get feedback that this is horribly unpopular, it will play out over the entire week. This is the description of the short french film from IDMB: "In a fancy hotel, a bell boy delivers a bottle of whiskey to a wealthy middle-aged client. The guest seduces the young man and offers him money for a sexual favor. But what started as a simple game becomes perverted and eventually violent.

Next weeks posting ....

Will be a bit different. Fren pointed out a short film called "Consent" (at least in America) that I thought was smoking hot. I capped the hell out of it with subtitles so next week it will play out over a few days as a "story" since the dialogue will be included with it. I imagine some readers will like it and some won't but that's life. The only think I am debating is whether to stop at the underwear scenes or let it go a bit further into nudity than I normally do on the site.  The movie has dom/sub subtext (more like text) so consider yourself forewarned.

Chick Vennera and Cleavon Little - "High Risk" - 1981 set 2

Casey Monroe -Getting Levi's Johnson - adult film 2 - Expanded

Posted some of these a months ago but really think this guy is attractive so capped more.

Getting Levi's Johnson - Adult film

 "Levi Johnsons" bodyguard strips off for him.

? - "The Bridge" - 2013

Two different characters in tighty whities during one episode is pretty surprising considering this is a current show. Even more surprising is that the scenes, and the underwear, weren't commented on or made to be a joke.


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