Josh Koscheck - MMA weigh-in

Giovanni Ribisi - "My Name is Earl" pt 1

I know they always say to not pick up hitchhikers but this guy would be in my car so fast heads would spin.

Robert Sean Leonard - "My Best Friend is a Vampire" - 1987

Blink and you'll miss it undie scene. Embarrassment dream sequence where he is stripped to his tighty whities in the girls locker room.

Mark Engelhardt - "American Horror Story: Asylum" season 2. ep. 3

Have to admit I love this show. They throw so much nutty stuff into each episode it's hard to get bored. Not much underwear this week. We get a little side view of "Carl" and that's about it.

Parry Shen - "The Hazing" -2004

A reader suggestion (He looks better with the bra off IMHO):

Skeet Ulrich - "Chilly Dogs" - 2001

Skeet is probably in my top 10 guys. When I first saw the "Craft" I was extremely jealous of the witch who cast a spell on Skeet making him her slave.

David Faustino - "Star-ving" ep. 6

By request:


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