Paul Bettany - "Gangster no. 1" - 2000 set 2

 Paul plays an amoral sociopath who strips down prior to killing so as not to get blood on his clothes. If blood bothers you proceed with caution.

Hope some of you enjoyed the experiment ...

starting tomorrow the site will go back to normal postings.

Kevin Miranda - "Consent" - Set 11 - NSFW

The end, starts after the jump:

Kevin Miranda - "Consent" - Set 10 - NSFW

Set 11 will finish it up ... will probably post a little later tonight

Ryan Gosling - "Place beyond the pines" -2013

More Kevin Miranda to come but figured I would throw this up now. Not white briefs, but for Ryan Gosling I will make an exception. Strip search scene in prison. If anyone wants the video posted let me know and I'll put it up.


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